Mahmut Sefik Nil Hall

May 17 Association

Name of Mahmut Şefik Nil, one of the founders of Kaos GL, will live in a new hall that will host LGBTI+ and gender events. Mahmut Şefik Nil Hall was opened on February 7th 2020 by May 17, Rainbow Families and Aramızda associations, which will use the hall jointly.

Three associations jointly took over the venue, which hosted the struggle for gender equality as the venue of the Women's Solidarity Foundation for many years. From now on, recently found May 17 Association, which aims to support LGBTI+ activism, Ankara Rainbow Families and Aramızda Association which was found by feminist academics whom dismissed from universities, will continue to work in this venue and hold events at the hall of this venue, at Mahmut Şefik Nil Hall.

We are honored to commemorate one of the pioneers of LGBTI+ activism, especially regarding his deliberate work on mental health, Mahmut Şefik Nil via our cultural center.

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