HIV Studies

HIV Studies

The first action of May 17 regarding HIV was to take part in the final conference of the EUROPACH project titled ‘Living Politics: Remembering HIV / AIDS Activism Tomorrow’ organized on 12-13 September 2019 in Berlin, Germany. The founders of May 17 took part in the workshop on HIV and discrimination hosted by Kaos GL .

May 17 holds the belief that HIV is not to be dealt merely within the context of a health right but also within that of equal citizenship. Bearing that in mind, the association believes a broader perspective is needed when dealing with the issue of HIV and that policy making should involve the active participation of political subjects.

Having developed such an approach in dealing with issues related to HIV, May 17 and KAOS GL made a joint publication titled ‘The Report on the Human Rights of LGBTI+ Persons Living with HIV’ with the support of ETKİNİZ EU in November,2020.

The HIV focus group carries on their works unceasingly with the above-mentioned perspectives.

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