Well-being Programme

Well-being Programme

Aiming to strengthen LGBTI+ communities and activism, 17 May Association has launched the Wellbeing Program as of August 2021, within the scope of its efforts to achieve this goal. 

The program, which is designed to increase the well-being of LGBTI+ activists and institutions, aims to increase the state of well-being with individual and institutional support, to highlight the issue of well-being in the institution where the activists work, and to strengthen LGBTI+ Human Rights Defenders against the discrimination and violence that they are systematically exposed to, along with other activities of the program. Within the program's scope, studies are carried out on individual and organizational well-being. In this context, the program activities are as follows:

  • Individual Well-being Support 

Within the program's scope, individual psychological support services are provided for activists who advocate for rights in the LGBTI+ field. In this context, psychological support services ranging from 10-12 sessions to each of the number of activists determined to the capacity of the program are provided by the psychologists in the "Well-being Support Network." After the applications opened with two call periods during the year and received through the form are evaluated, the support process is carried out with the activists. You can follow our social media and website for individual support applications. 

  • Organizational Well-being Support 

In workshops designed especially for LGBTI+ organizations, individual and organizational well-being, dimensions of well-being, and good practices are studied. You can follow our social media and website to apply for the workshops.

  • Well-Being Gatherings

Activities ranging from yoga to picnics and DJ Workshops to movie screenings are held in the events organized for LGBTI+s, which are organized as face-to-face and online meetings. You can follow the meetings on our social media and website. 

  • Well-Being Workshops

The well-being in the human rights movement is emphasized in the meetings where activists working in the LGBTI+ rights struggle and intersectional fields come together to follow well-being and related studies, organize workshops in these areas and share experiences.

For more detailed information about the program, you can write to esenlik@17mayis.org or can@17mayis.org  

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