Lubunya 40+ set its course

Lubunya 40+ set its course

16/03/2020 | 17 Mayıs

Lubunya 40+ Initiative has set its course to find an answer to the question, “How to grow old together?”

Lubunya 40+ set its course - May 17 Association

The Lubunya* 40+ Initiative, which came together under the May 17 Association to study LGBTI+ and elderliness, has set its course.


The initiative, which held its first meeting in Bolu on December 14-15, 2019, discussed good examples regarding the elderly LGBTI+’s for two days and sought answers to the question "How to grow old together".


After two days of workshop, the initiative issued a road map for itself. Lubunya 40+, stated that elderliness studies focus on the ages of 60-65+, but with the definition of 40+ they decided "to be side-by-side to dream about our old age process together, to discuss the issue of elderliness, to learn and to grew old together."


The activities the initiative plans to do is as follows:


*To research old age and inheritance within the legal system and to produce informative materials for elderly LGBTI+.


*The desire to live and establish a cooperative society for housing or social purposes has been shared. We will investigate the legal and financial obligations and sustainability of this cooperative. We will continue to think about the possibility of a common cooperative experience in the field of old age


*We will investigate the social services and nursing homes and other activities of municipalities in this area. And we're going to put the old LGBTI+s on their agenda!


*We will investigate the care and support mechanisms of private nursing homes, foundations, and associations for the elderly. We will discuss alternative models of organization and good examples.


*Intergenerational communication and working processes: To discuss the construction of social spaces and alternatives for 40+ LGBTI+’s, to spend time together for tomorrow and to create socializing areas for 40+ LGBTI+'s.


*History and Memory Studies: We want to do history and memory studies as an activity that will strengthen 40+ LGBTI+'s and as a study that will enable us to communicate between generations.


*Internal Empowerment Meetings: We need to come together more frequently, to organize more meetings that will empower this group to determine the method and ways for itself and to set a course.


*Researching Different Methods and Processes of Organizing From Good Examples: We want to explore and discuss the organization and structuring processes, dynamics of planning activities and the steps taken by the groups that have been holding especially international studies from yesterday to today and circulate good examples.


*Investigating Insurance: Investigation of private health insurances, complementary insurances, and the rights obtained from insurances.


*HIV and Old Age: We want to produce information about specific areas within the LGBTI+ community and to ensure that this information is circulated. The issue of HIV and old age is also one of the areas where we want to produce information on. And we want to cooperate with organizations working in the field of HIV on this issue.


**Lubunya is a word from Turkish queer slang language can roughly be translated as queer.


Translation: Yiğit E. Korkmaz

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