May 17 Association provided legislation training for 6 LGBTI+ associations

May 17 Association provided legislation training for 6 LGBTI+ associations

30/11/2020 | 17 Mayıs

May 17 Association organized training for six LGBTI+ organizations on the basic needs of the associations; association's legislation and accounting.

May 17 Association provided legislation training for 6 LGBTI+ associations - May 17 Association

The May 17 Association continues its workshops to improve the capacities of LGBTI+ organizations and to ensure their sustainability.


The first session of the training, which is planned to be held in two sessions as "Official Accounting and Legislation" and "Finance 101", which includes administrative and financial issues, was held on November 29th.


The first session was held with 16 participants from 6 organizations, including the Rainbow Family Association, Akdeniz Antalya Families Group, Antalya BIZ Association, Hevi LGBTI+ Association, Young LGBTI+ Association, Bursa Free Colors Association.


Expert Aysel Ergün, the facilitator of the session, provided answers for fundamental questions such as “What is an association? What is the charter? How does the charter determine the activities of the association? What are the association bodies" in the first part of the workshop that lasted about four hours.


Following the presentation, Ergün provided core information on the basic topics of the legislation related to accounting and financial management; on the books to be kept, methods and principles regarding accounting records, audit, notification and declaration obligations, and penal provisions.


After the Q&A session, the program came to an end.



May 17 continues to support LGBTI+ organizations!


'Finance 101' online training, the second session of this series, will be held on December 5, 2020.


In order to support the sustainability of LGBTI + organizations, the association provides support in areas such as fundraising, financial and administrative affairs, advocacy and digital security, provides expert support in different fields and holds workshops.


The association organized Social Media Management and Campaign and Project Cycle training in November.


The first training of the association was on institutional communications and social media campaigning on November 1st. Kaos GL Media and Communication Program Coordinator Yıldız Tar facilitated the training that was participated by Rainbow Families Association, Pink Life and Ünikuir from Ankara, BIZ Association from Antalya, Hêvî LGBTI + Association from İstanbul, Young LGBTI+ Association from İzmir and Muamma LGBTI+ Association from Mersin.


The second training of the association was on the project cycle management on November 15th. Ayça Bulut Bican gave project cycle management training in the workshop, which was attended by more than twenty people from Hevi LGBTI+, Young LGBTI+, Mersin Muamma LGBTI+, Rainbow Family Association, Unikuir and Akdeniz Families Group.



Translation: Yiğit E. Korkmaz

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