The project 'LGBTI+ Elders' has started: Research, trainings, and strategic action plan

The project 'LGBTI+ Elders' has started: Research, trainings, and strategic action plan

21/07/2020 | 17 Mayıs

The project to generate information on the rights and issues of LGBTI+ elder persons and to build capacity has started.

The project 'LGBTI+ Elders' has started: Research, trainings, and strategic action plan - May 17 Association

The joint project of May 17 and Kaos GL titled “LGBTI+ Elders’ started on 1 July. The project intends to provide intersectional knowledge and resources on advocacy and lobbying under the guidance of May 17 40+ LGBTI+ persons focus group.


An opportunity to build network and capacity within the context of the rights of LGBTI+ elder persons, this project aims to generate resources specific to the field and to determine a road path.


Research will be conducted


Within the realm of this project, a thorough research will be conducted to gather information on good practices of NGOs worldwide on LGBTI+ older persons, retirement homes, caravan parks, and residential complexes. Following the translation of the research into Turkish, a series of online training sessions will be held.

What sort of training is included?


The online training sessions will be as follows:


“Training on Social Work for LGBTI+ Elder Persons” for social workers and LGBTI+ organizations around Turkey.


“Training on LGBTI+ Elder persons living with HIV” for LGBTI+ NGOs, organizations working on HIV/AIDS, health workers, and policy makers.


“Training on Solidarity and Life Cooperative for 40+ LGBTI+ persons” for NGOs, lawyers, and local governments.


“Training on LGBTI+ Elder persons and Law” for LGBTI NGOs, human rights NGOs, policy makers, lawyers, and politicians.


And finally, a “Consulting and Strategy Meeting” will be held with LGBTI+ organizations, NGOs working on HIV/ AIDS, health workers, policy makers, women organizations, human rights NGOs, public institutions, local governments, and politicians


A strategic roadmap will be determined


As an outcome of the research and a series of training and meeting sessions, resource materials will be produced for activists working in the context of LGBTI+ elder persons and a roadmap will be determined. The materials will be available for policy makers, lawyers, NGOs, politicians, public employees, local governments, and LGBTI+ persons. 


The project carried out with the support of ILGA Europe will continue until 28 February 2021.


Translation: Kerem Selçuk

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