Sustainability Analysis

Sustainability Analysis

  1. Sustainability Analysis

    May 17 Association is a human rights organization that works in the field of gender equality. It operates in many different fields such as gender equality, right to work/union rights, human rights movement, right to education, right to healthcare, and it carries out its activities in communication with other non-governmental organizations. This diversity contributes to the May 17 Association to perform activities in different areas and make the problems of LGBTI+ more visible.

    We depend on;

    1. The qualifications and the accuracy of our activities in the LGBTI+ field,
    2. The interaction of May 17 Association with its target group and further development of this communication,
    3. The self-definition as a still-learning organization and receptivity to learning,
    4. The expansion of cooperation in parallel with the good relations with stakeholders,
    5. The solidarity relations established with LGBTI+ organizations, activists, experts and academicians working in this field,
    6. The strength and variety of its organizational structure,
    7. The ability to create sustainable resources

    For the sustainability of May 17's work.

    In order to ensure the sustainability of our work, we aim to complete our shortcomings in each of these 7 items and to make further developments and improvements. In 2021, we want to carry out specific sustainability analyses for each field we operate in with tools such as stakeholder analysis, and to conclude a more in-depth and more comprehensive sustainability analysis for May 17 Association.

    1. May 17 aims to increase collaborations with its stakeholders as one of the most important steps towards ensuring sustainability in the fields of its operations.
    2. May 17 Association's risk analysis and risk mitigation plan also constitute an important part of its sustainability analysis. Risk analysis is updated every 6 months by the Crisis Team. In 2021, the projected work on the risk mitigation plan will be carried out.
    3. May 17 Association carries out effective activities in financial resource creation, alternative financial resource development, and efficient use of existing resources.
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